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Acanthocereus Guerreros
 Acanthocereus Guerreros is an edible large lumbering cacti with spines on its four sides. Very large white blooms appear each fall giving way to brilliant red fruit. Acanthocereus grows best in moist tropical environments.
Sun 75-90% Outdoor Zone 9b-11
In 6" Round Pot 10 Currently In Stock
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Alluaudia Montagnacii Devils Dagger
 Rare Madagascar native this truly unique plant has a transcendent silvery stem covered inshiny pointed sharp spines that highly contrast the small round bright green leaves that grow vertically up the stalk.
Sun 85-100% Outdoor Zone 9b-11
In 7" Deep Cone 6 Currently In Stock
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Alluaudia Procera Silver Serpent
 R A R E and U N U S U A L Silver Desert Serpent This spiny desert traveler can reach lengths of 60 feet and rarely branch. The shimmery silver-gray trunk is cover from top to bottom in short spines and little round glossy green leaves.
Sun 85-100% Outdoor Zone 9b-11
In 7" Deep Cone 26 Currently In Stock
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Cholla Cactus Nevada Giant
 By far and above one of the most recognizable cactus. Cholla is reminiscent of churros with numerous pins stuck into it. Cholla will proudly serve as property guard on a fence line or perimeter any location where privacy is demanded.
Sun 75-100% Outdoor Zone 10-11b
In 4" Round Pot 25 Currently In Stock
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Consolea Mon. sp. Hawaiian Lights
 Consolea Moniliformis sp. Hawaiian Lights has thicker pads and trunk than the other Consoleas. This easy to grow Hawaiian cactus is a frequent bloomer and is often draped in bright yellow and orange flowers. (A Real Show Stopper)
Sun 90-100% Outdoor Zone 9b-11
In 4" Round Pot 50 Currently In Stock
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Eccremocactus Bradei
 RARE AND EASY TO GROW! Eccremocactus Bradeis' unusually wide draping pads makes it a perfect choice for heavy duty hanging baskets. Also with its medium light requirements it is a fine indoor specimen plant. Easy to care for.
Sun 85-100% Outdoor Zone 9b-10
In 6" Round Pot 15 Currently In Stock
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Euphorbia Neriifolia
 Very noble in appearance. Neriifolia is a very rigid fast growing African shrub with large black spines protruding from flabby branches. With age Neriifolia becomes more appealing with each passing day.
Sun 75-100% Outdoor Zone 10-11b
In 7" Deep Cone 40 Currently In Stock
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Euphorbia Tirucalli Pencil Cactus xl
 (Large 6in pot Specimen) Hard to kill! Tirucallii is a leafless succulent tree thirty foot which is very popular in southwest landscaping. In a small container its growth remains in check and rarely exceeds three feet..
Sun 75-100% Outdoor Zone 10-11b
In 6" Round Pot 15 Currently In Stock
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