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Chamaelobivia Rose Quartz
 Giant Blooms - Large fat stems covered in copper spines give way to giant fire engine red daisy-like blooms in the heat of summer. Chamaelobivia species make wonderful windowsill plants and require little care and no more than a 3-4" pot.
Sun 85-100% Outdoor Zone 10-11b
In 2.7" Rnd. Pot 209 Currently In Stock
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Dwarf Cholla Cactus
 Cylindrical branch segments grow low to the ground in a spiky ground cover. Cholla is reminiscent of churros with numerous pins stuck into it. Cholla will proudly serve as property guard keeping unwanted creatures at bay.
Sun 75-100% Outdoor Zone 10-11b
In 4" Round Pot 15 Currently In Stock
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Crassula Jade Plant
 Crassula Jade- It is said that good fortune and happiness is bestowed upon those who posses and care for the Jade Tree. Capable of reaching 9 feet in height this succulent shrub has glossy elliptical shaped deep green leaves.
Sun 75-100% Outdoor Zone 10b-11
In 5" Deep Cone 198 Currently In Stock
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Euphorbia Crown of Thorns Milii White
 Buy 1 Get 1 Free Flowering nearly all year with brightly colored white clusters Millii is a climbing succulent that has been known to reach heights of 6 feet plus. Bright green leaves often have light maroon coloring and are found primarily on new growth.
Sun 75-100% Outdoor Zone 10-11b
In 7" Deep Cone 70 Currently In Stock
  your cost  $8.48    

Euphorbia Milii Bosseri Crest
 RARE! Fully spined stems branch from the base and transform into a fan shape toward the top. Small green leaves grace the top of the fanned branches and periodically small reddish pink blooms appear. Truly alien and unique.
Sun 75-100% Outdoor Zone 10-11b
In 4" Round Pot 50 Currently In Stock
  your cost  $29.95    

Euphorbia Mini Saguaro
 Looking like a cactus that got caught in a shrink ray - Erect stems are dark green and heavily fortified with a battalion of spines. The smaller stature of this Euphorbia makes it a perfect desk or window sill companion.
Sun 75-100% Outdoor Zone 10-11b
In 4" Round Pot 60 Currently In Stock
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Euphorbia Greenwayii Rubber Tip
 A striking easy to grow clump forming Euphorbia with a blueish hue and maroon rubbery spines. Many more off sets will begin to appear soon after potting. Greenwayii grows well in pots from four to fourteen inch.
Sun 75-90% Outdoor Zone 10-11b
In 7" Deep Cone 31 Currently In Stock
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Mammillaria Elongata Purpura
 Silver star shaped spines swirl around emerald green finger-like stems. Purpura is adorned with beautiful purple flowers from summer to fall. Native to Central Mexico Mammillaria Elongata are unusual clump forming finger-like cactus.
Sun 90-100% Outdoor Zone 10-11b
In 2.7" Rnd. Pot 30 Currently In Stock
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