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Abutilon Orange Vein Parlor Maple
 Transcendent blooms open into flowers with bright orange veins on the petals like on the wings of a butterfly. Chinese Lantern or Indian Mallow is an evergreen in the mallow family highly prized as an ornamental in the garden.
Sun 70-85% Outdoor Zone 8b-10
In 9" Deep Cone 10 Currently In Stock
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Aloe Ferox Medical Aloe
 Aloe Ferox- This aloe is a Very Cool distinctly brutal looking plant with broad lance-shaped fleshy leaves with sharp black spines on all edges. Not uncommonly Ferox can attain mature heights of over 9 feet on the single trunk.
Sun 90-100% Outdoor Zone 9b-11
In 4" Round Pot 200 Currently In Stock
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Aloe Marlothi
 Multi-branched thick flower stalks with glowing yellowish-orange tubular flowers hover above the thick and spiny dull green leaf rosette balance on the leaf covered single stem. Deep green leaves tend to turn coppery red in the sun.
Sun 90-100% Outdoor Zone 9b-11
In 6" Round Pot 39 Currently In Stock
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Aloe Hybrid Torch Aloe
 This massive succulent tree can grow to 20 feet tall with pale green recurved leaves that can grow to 2 -3 feet long. Fading leaves simply droop down and eventually dry forming a skirt around the single trunk. The bark is pale and smooth.
Sun 90-100% Outdoor Zone 9b-11
In 9" Deep Cone 90 Currently In Stock
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Brugmansia Pink Coral
 Pink Coral! Exciting flowers begin light green to white and gracefully give way to a coral pink frilly edge as the flowers unfurl in your garden offering a gentle fragrance. Wondrous large soft green leaves.
Sun 70-85% Outdoor Zone 8b-11
In 14" Deep Cone 80 Currently In Stock
  your cost  $22.68    

Brugmansia Solid Gold
 A large size Brugmansia with a spectacular golden pendant bloom. A striking container plant. Wondrous large soft green leaves and extraordinary pendent trumpet like flowers will be the highlight of any collection when it blooms.
Sun 70-85% Outdoor Zone 8b-11
In 14" Deep Cone 4 Currently In Stock
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Cereus White Night Blooming 4 Plants
 4 Plant Deal! This offer includes four Cereus White Night Blooming each individually wrapped and in their own 7" deep cone. This is one serious cactus! (Non Fruiting) Cereus grows quite fast and is fairly large as cactus go.
Sun 75-95% Outdoor Zone 10-11b
In 7" Deep Cone 20 Currently In Stock
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Selenicereus Night Blooming Flamingo
 One of the most cold hardy vining cactus! Selenicereus Night Blooming Flamingo in a sheltered area can tolerate short term freezing temps longer than other similar vining cactus. Breathtaking large flamingo shaped white blooms.
Sun 75-95% Outdoor Zone 9-11b
In 7" Deep Cone 24 Currently In Stock
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