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Cyperus Papyrus Umbrella Plant
 Cyperus Papyrus Alternifolius Slender and mostly triangular stems reach for the sky with heights of 5 to 8 feet when mature atop which half-inch wide leaflets that can be as long as 12 inches radiate out like the spokes of an umbrella.
Sun 75-90% Outdoor Zone 8b-11
In 6" Round Pot 20 Currently In Stock
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Equisetum Water Bamboo 4 Plants
 4 Plant Deal! This offer includes four Equisetum Water Bamboo plants each individually wrapped and in their own 9 in. deep cone. Elegant leafless stems stand erect 2 to 5 feet tall with rigid dark evergreen hollow jointed nodes.
Sun 75-100% Outdoor Zone 4b-10
In 9" Deep Cone 22 Currently In Stock
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Eq. Giganteum Giant Water Bamboo
 Equisetum Giganteum Largest of the water bamboos and recorded growing over 6 feet tall Giganteum springs from the ground like hundreds of bright green straws. Stems are node-like and can bear numerous whorls of very slender branches.
Sun 75-100% Outdoor Zone 7b-10
In 9" Deep Cone 99 Currently In Stock
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