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Ginger Amomum Cardamom
 Cardamom ginger is very easy to grow in a container or in the ground in southern climates. This vigorous grower enjoys dark rich soil with plenty of moisture. Cardamom stalks after 2 years will produce abundant seeds.
Sun 75-90% Outdoor Zone 8-11b
In 6" Round Pot 50 Currently In Stock
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Dichorisandra Grandiflora Blue Ginger
 Blue Ginger has an enchanting tropical appearance and is a wonderful accent for any gardenscape whether planted in ground or in a container on the patio. Reed like stems can attain heights of 4 to 6 feet and sport a flower spike.
Sun 75-90% Outdoor Zone 9-11b
In 9" Deep Cone 39 Currently In Stock
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