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Abutilon Orange Vein Parlor Maple
 Transcendent blooms open into flowers with bright orange veins on the petals like on the wings of a butterfly. Chinese Lantern or Indian Mallow is an evergreen in the mallow family highly prized as an ornamental in the garden.
Sun 70-85% Outdoor Zone 8b-10
In 9" Deep Cone 10 Currently In Stock
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Acalypha 4 Plant Mix
 A refreshingly colorful mix containing 4 fresh Acalypha plants in 9 inch deep reusable grow cones selected at random by vigor. This growers mix is a fast economical way to start your collection. Preferring rich moist well drained soil.
Sun 75-90% Outdoor Zone 9b-11
In 9" Deep Cone 10 Currently In Stock
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Bromelia Balansae Hearts of Flame
 Large spiny leaves form impressive clumps of foliage with leaves reaching 12 to 16 inches in length. A fantastic Bromeliad for ground cover or as a living fence. Prior to blooming the center leaves turn a bright scarlet.
Sun 85-100% Outdoor Zone 8b-11
In 8" Tree Pot 20 Currently In Stock
  your cost  $29.95    

Brugmansia Shredded White
 Brilliant white squid like tentacles adrift in the breeze. This Brugmansia is simply strange. A striking container plant. Wondrous large soft green leaves and extraordinary pendent trumpet like flowers will be the highlight of any collection.
Sun 70-85% Outdoor Zone 8b-11
In 14" Deep Cone 4 Currently In Stock
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Chorisia Speciosa Silk Floss Tree
 xl One of natures true oddities the Silk Floss tree is awe-inspiring. A fast growing soft wooded tree Speciosa in prime conditions can grow to heights of 30 to as much as 50 feet with a thick gray trunk covered in spines.
Sun 90-100% Outdoor Zone 10-11b
In 8" Tree Pot 10 Currently In Stock
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Cordyline Polynesian Black
 Buy 1 Get 1 Free Polynesian Black aka Black Magic produces soft leathery green and pink striated leaves that turn deep purplish black. Mature plants send up tall spikes of dramatic purple flowers.
Sun 75-95% Outdoor Zone 9b-11
In 9" Deep Cone 444 Currently In Stock
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Euphorbia Milii Imperatae Varigata xl
 and unique this one is sure to raise questions and start long conversations about the Euphorbias and their wide variety. Simple to grow and easy to care for.
Sun 75-90% Outdoor Zone 10-11b
In 6" Round Pot 6 Currently In Stock
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Graptophyllum Pictum Cappacinno
 BOLD - Handsome deep purple leaves shoot skyward on stems of evergreen. Graptophyllum make an amazing accent plant for the patio or garden. Delicate white flowers emerge from the stem tops once a year.
Sun 75-95% Outdoor Zone 10-11b
In 9" Deep Cone 100 Currently In Stock
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