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Abutilon Red Parlor Maple
 Enchanting vibrant green leaves reminiscent of maple leaves are accompanied by pendent lantern-like buds that gracefully bloom with brilliant red coloring and petals textured like butterfly wings.
Sun 70-85% Outdoor Zone 8b-10
In 9" Deep Cone 5 Currently In Stock
  your cost  $16.99    

Cordyline Red Bull
 Extra Wide Leaves. Cordyline Red Bull is a very large leaf variety. Handsome pink-maroon 4-5 inch wide leaves adorn this mighty giant. With age the coloration darkens mildly while the plant grows to a mature height of 6-8 feet.
Sun 75-95% Outdoor Zone 9b-11
In 9" Deep Cone 3 Currently In Stock
  your cost  $19.48    

Echeveria Runyonii Big Blue Weirdo
 Unusual tubular distorted leaves in silvery gray with a powdery coating curl upward in a fairly open rosette. Late summer brings medium sized flower spikes that play host to stunning orange red bell flowers.
Sun 75-90% Outdoor Zone 9b-10
In 4" Round Pot 30 Currently In Stock
  your cost  $17.95    

Euphorbia Capsaintmariensis
 U N U S U A L This amazing plant forms a fat base (caudex) of varied shapes and sizes that only gets larger over time creating an almost cartoon appearance. Thick leathery dark green narrow wavy edged leaves form off of tentacle like branches.
Sun 75-100% Outdoor Zone 10-11b
In 4" Round Pot 39 Currently In Stock
  your cost  $32.95    

Frerea Ind. Dragons Breast
 Extraordinarily unique Dragons Breast is sure to please any collector with its silvery surface medium green leaves and unusual flowers. The natural growth of elongated stems on a make Frerea perfect for small hanging pots.
Sun 75-95% Outdoor Zone 10-11b
In 4" Round Pot 59 Currently In Stock
  your cost  $19.95    

Lemaireocereus Mexican Fencepost
 Lemaireocereus Marginatus Mexican Fencepost Deep green vertical columns of cacti with white to ivory colored margins have only a few thorns. Frequently used in Central and South America as actual fencing material where planted.
Sun 90-100% Outdoor Zone 10-11b
In 8" Tree Pot 18 Currently In Stock
  your cost  $29.95    

Manfreda Macho Mocha
 Rubbery thick gray green and lavender succulent leaves are covered with purplish brown spots like freckles and is somewhat reminiscent of a crinum. A solitary plant until its time to flower at which point it will begin to sucker.
Sun 90-100% Outdoor Zone 10-11b
In 4" Round Pot 1 Currently In Stock
  your cost  $19.48    

Livistona Chinese Fan Palm 4 Trees
 4 Plant Deal! This offer includes four Livistona Chinese Fan (Starter) Palms each individually wrapped and in their own 9 in. deep cone. Simply the perfect palm called the Chinese Fan Palm because the fronds are used for making fans.
Sun 90-100% Outdoor Zone 9a-11
In 9" Deep Cone 20 Currently In Stock
  your cost  $34.57    

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