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Acalypha Macrophylla
 HUGE - Saucer sized leaves are slightly floppy top deep green with pink veining and patches of pink and yellow and all shades in between. Macrophylla is a great garden accent plant. A colorful upright bush.
Sun 75-90% Outdoor Zone 9b-11
In 9" Deep Cone 40 Currently In Stock
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Acalypha Tahitian Gold
 Ruffles and curls make Tahitian Gold a best seller. Curly deep green leaves have serrated margins with white coloration and a mild spattering of white on the leaves as well. Tahitian Gold is a great on the patio.
Sun 75-90% Outdoor Zone 9b-11
In 9" Deep Cone 40 Currently In Stock
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Alocasia Odora Maui Wowie
 Buy 1 Get 1 Free - Cold Hardy Exceptional indoor or small courtyard plant. Reaching a mature height of 4'-5'. Glossy green stiff-fleshy elongated leaves up to 2 ft. long with elevated stalks from thick stem. Odora produces wonderfully fragrant flowers.
Sun 55-75% Outdoor Zone 8b-11
In 6" Round Pot 100 Currently In Stock
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Ananas Sugarloaf Pineapple
 Exceptionally sweet fruit with no woody center core is produced from glorious deep green strap like leaves with small marginal spines. Raw pineapple is a phenomenal source of manganese and vitamin C.
Sun 90-100% Outdoor Zone 9b-11
In 8" Tree Pot 50 Currently In Stock
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Brugmansia Jean Pasco
 One of the largest of all the Brugmansia blooms! Open fluted trumpets are edged with a warm and vibrant orange that gently gives way to peach as the flower narrows. Brugmansia are ideally suited for container growing.
Sun 70-85% Outdoor Zone 8b-11
In 14" Deep Cone 55 Currently In Stock
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Chl. Heirloom Green Spider
 Chlorophytum Comosum Heirloom Green Spider 4 inch potted spider plant. Exotic solid deep green glossy leaves grow gracefully in an arching fashion like a blast from a bygone era.
Sun 65-80% Outdoor Zone 10-11b
In 4" Round Pot 11 Currently In Stock
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Cordyline Green Compactor
 Petite plant in multiples. Reaching 3-4 feet in height this slender tropicals small stature makes Cordyline Green Compactor the perfect choice for small well lit small areas.
Sun 75-95% Outdoor Zone 9b-11
In 9" Deep Cone 70 Currently In Stock
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Euphorbia Crown of Thorns Milii Pink
 Flowering nearly all year with brightly colored pink clusters Millii is a climbing succulent that has been known to reach heights of 6 feet plus. Bright green leaves often have light maroon coloring and are found primarily on new growth.
Sun 75-100% Outdoor Zone 10-11b
In 7" Deep Cone 20 Currently In Stock
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